Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

Final Ruling: 5/5 stars

Here we are again with another phenomenal Sarah J. Maas book. Seriously, all of her books take my breath away. But this one in particular holds a special place in my heart. Poor sweet Chaol and Celaena and Dorian and all them are just so cute and pure in this book, it’s the book in which I really come to care about them. This book deals with sooo many issues (and represents them well) and also brings us closer to FLEETFOOT who I, of course, adore (and is the only one confirmed by SJM to survive the whole series). But along with all of that, some pretty awful things happen, spurring along both the plot and character development. Oh my stars, I cannot even begin to express my love for this author (she is most definitely my favorite).

Okay, to start off, pretty much everything in this review has spoilers, so please avoid the italics if you want to avoid the spoilers.

Let’s begin. Her writing style never fails to take my breath away. SJM somehow makes the entire book funny and beautiful and lyrical and frightening and suspenseful and heartbreaking all at the same time. I seriously don’t understand how she does it. It is miraculous, I’m not sure if she sold her soul to the devil for her awesomeness or something, but thank whatever god you believe in for this wonderful lady.

(CAUTION: spoilers ahead)

Now let’s get down to business about “Crown of Midnight” in particular. WOW. First of all, the most absolutely positively heartbreaking part of the book was Nehemia. My sweet darling strong Eyllwe queen, she died far too soon. Perhaps more heartbreaking than her death though, was Celaena’s reaction. Nehemia’s death made a huge crack in Celaena’s soul, and my goodness does it ever show. There are so few books that actually portray lasting grief in a believably way, but SJM absolutely nails it. Nehemia broke my heart, but her sacrifice was a slap in the face to both me and Celaena, and with that sacrifice, SJM tugged on my heartstrings like a harp. I cannot get over how much  I adore her, so I’m sorry if this review is mostly about how much I adore her. 

(spoilers over)

The ending to this book in particular was also phenomenal; it was clever, it was wonderful, and it  was remarkably shocking. It was a wild roller coaster of plot twist and reveals that knocked me on my ass. It broke my heart and made my soul sing and brought tears to my eyes. Yes, some may say that it is a filler book, but there is nothing wrong with that (literally, the character development in this book is breathtaking).

(CAUTION: spoilers ahead)

Also, this book is so sex positive. It is realistic, it is tasteful, and it doesn’t make a huge deal about virginity like most books do. It made me so happy to finally finally finally read a book that approached sex in a way that wasn’t preachy. Through this relationship, the characters of Chaol and Celaena are developed in a beautiful and interesting way.

(spoilers over)

At this point, I literally cannot form any more coherent sentences that can accurately portray this breathtaking book. Just read it. Please read it. I would recommend it to literally everybody who has even the slightest affinity for fantasy.


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